Mist Covered Mountains (2011)

It's About Time (2009)

It's About Time is the debut EP album for Barrowburn. The disc contains a collection of 5 tracks of some of our most popular tunes and songs. As the CD title gives nod to, this album has been in the works for a while but we are pleased by the results and hope you will be as well.

We think It's About Time reflects the energy and drive of our live performances in a package you can take home with you. If you would like a copy, either buy one at one of our performances or email the band and we'll make arangements to get you a copy for only $7.00 (US shipping included).

1Biker Hill (song)
2Twa Bonnie Maidens (air)
3Dalesman's Litany (song)
4Paddy's #1 / Paddy's #2 / Nell Fee's (polkas)
5Wind that Shakes the Barley (song)