Group Photo by Greg Hunt


  Richard Nardin - photo courtesy Nathanael Gough  

Richard Nardin - Guitar

Richard was an active member of the folk music community that flourished around Saratoga Springs, New York in the 1970s and 80s. He performed as a singer-songwriter throughout the northeast and midwest. His songs have been sung by Gordon Bok, Margaret MacArthur, Priscilla Herdman, Anne Dodson, Rory Makem, and others.

  Virgil Sealy - photo courtesy Nathanael Gough  

Virgil Sealy - Fiddle

Virgil is the leader and booking agent for the band. His driving fiddle and his tenor voice are a mainstay of the band's sound. Adept at the bodhran, guitar, and mandolin as well, Virgil always hogs the most inputs on the soundboard! Virgil has attended workshops and master classes in fiddle and bodhran as well as soaking up tunes from other great players at area sessions and house parties. Virgil led the Pinecone Irish Session for many years and is active with a number of the area folk music and dance groups.

  Jeff Cates - photo courtesy Nathanael Gough  

Jeff Cates - Fiddle

Jeff's poignant rendition of an Air on his fiddle and his rich baritone interpretation of a favorite Irish song are hallmarks of the Barrowburn's sound. Studying both classical and folk styles, he is has been a member of The Raleigh Civic Symphony, taught tunes at the local sessions, and sings in his church choir. Attending numerous Swannanoa Gatherings, Jeff has studied with some of the world's best Irish and Scottish fiddle players including Elke Baker, Laura Risk, and Brian Conway.

  Nathan Deese - photo courtesy Nathanael Gough  

Nathan Deese - Flute, Whistle, Mandolin

Nathan cast around for the perfect woodwind instrument for many years until he came upon the penny-whistle. He studied whistle under Laura Byrne Egan in the Baltimore Irish Arts program, then branched out to Irish flute, guitar, mandolin, and Irish tenor banjo. Nathan has played with a variety of local folk music groups. He has led the NC Renaissance Festival's madrigal and pub singing group, and plays for his church choir.