Barrowburn: Sound Requirements


The following sound specification is detailed, but fairly simple. The main emphasis of this specification is on quality rather than raw power but the system should be of sufficient power to adequately cover the given venue without distortion. We attempt at all our performances to deliver a sound which is as high quality as possible, and we rely on this contract to make sure that everything we need to accomplish this is available.


Barrowburn requires a sound system of sufficient size for the venue. The system shall be capable of producing a clean, undistorted 'A' weighted sound preasure level (SPL) of 85-90dB average, 98dB peak, as measured at the mix position, with a frequency response of 50hz-18Khz +/-3db. This is generally the SPL that Barrowburn will perform at. Quality is much more important than quantity, however, and a large sub bass component is not required. The system loudspeakers must be configured as a Left/Right stereo pair; center clusters, balcony fills etc. are fine providing they are an addition to the main L&R speakers - any such additions should be independently controllable from the mix position. The system and its components shall be in full working order, with no buzzes, hums, beeps, crackles, clicks or other extraneous noises, and will be free from radio interference.

Prior to band load in, system should be up and running; DI boxes, mic lines, monitors, mic stands in place; XLRs labeled with relevant channel numbers; line check should be completed, but please leave spare cable length in case some rearranging is necessary. Barrowburn also requests that all requested inputs be reserved for their exclusive use from soundcheck to end of show. If there are other performers on the bill, separate channels should be used.

The position of the sound console is very important for a good sound. The mix position should be located in the house. Ideally the console should be placed at the center of the L&R speakers, about halfway between front and rear of the house, forming an equilateral triangle with the speaker enclosures and the mix position at the apexes. Although this will not always be possible, the console should never be placed further left than the left speakers, or further right than the right speakers. Sufficient illumination for desk and racks should be provided, as should a stool or chair for the operator.


Barrowburn requires the following sound equipment:

Console 9 mono input channels consisting of - at least 4 XLR mic inputs; 4 XLR/DI inputs; 1 XLR pre-amp inputs with 48V phantom power.
Monitors At least one (two prefered) wedge monitor, 150w or greater.
Mic Four Shure SM58, clean and undented; four active DI boxes; one XLM cable for instrument pre-amps
Mic Stands Four tall booms in good working order with clips for Shure SM58 mics.
Cables Minimum nine mic cables long enough to traverse stage from musician to input/stage box.




Channel Player Instrument Input Stand Notes
Nathan  Vocal/Whistle  SM58  Tall Boom   
Virgil  Vocal  SM58  Tall Boom   
Richard  Vocal  SM58  Tall Boom   
Jeff  Vocal  SM58  Tall Boom   
Nathan  Mando/Banjo  XLR    XLR Cable to plug into guitar pre-amp 
Virgil  Fiddle  DI     
Virgil  Mandolin  DI     
Richard  Guitar  XLR    XLR Cable to plug into guitar pre-amp 
Jeff  Fiddle  DI     


Preferably a 16'x10' stage, laid out as per diagram, but we can accommodate smaller stages if required. Stands, cables, DI boxes, etc should be placed on stage as per diagram prior to band's arrival.

Stage requirements for Barrowburn

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