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Friends of the Festival

Friends of Ireland

The Friends of Ireland (FOI) was founded in 1985. FOI is based in Raleigh, N.C., with members throughout the Triangle area. Our purpose is to bring together people interested in Ireland and to promote local Irish cultural, educational and social opportunities. The FOI is non-political and non-sectarian. Members need not have Irish heritage, just be a true friend of Ireland -- both North and South. For more information visit (

Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle (SCOT)

SCOT is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the culture of Scotland with residents and visitors in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Membership is open to all people who are interested in promoting knowledge of and appreciation for Scottish culture and history. For more information visit (

Scottish District Families Association

The SDFA was formed at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in 1997 out of concern by the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations ( COSCA ) for those people of Scottish heritage whose name or ancestry linked them to Scotland, but to an area, not an organized Clan. It is estimated that 70% of all persons attending festivals or highland games are in this category. Clan affiliation is familial. District Family affiliation is usually geographical, but also includes those families without an organized clan. There are over 50 Districts in Scotland. Many have their own unique tartan which in some districts are older than the clan tartans. The purpose of the SDFA is to provide knowledge about the districts, cities, lowlands, etc., to its members and to other interested people. We also assist people in determining whether they may have some Scottish heritage in their background and have a genealogist to help members in their search for their Scottish roots. For more information please visit (

Ulster Scots Society of America

The Ulster-Scots Society of America is primarily an educational and social organization committed to the promotion of the Ulster-Scots heritage, especially as it pertains to the culture and history of the nearly quarter of a million immigrants who left the north of Ireland (Ulster) during the 18th century and settled in America (often referred to as: “The Great Migration“).

The Society is strictly non-sectarian and non-political. It has no religious affiliation and does not promote involvement in any political activities. The Society encourages its’ membership across the country, in each particular locale, to gather together on a regular basis to collectively pursue the goals of the organization through active participation in family oriented social activities, educational activities and special cultural events. For more information contact Paul Smallwood (

Ancient Order of Hibernians

The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America (AOH) was organized in the United States in nineteenth century New York City by Irish immigrants who banded together in protection of the Catholic Church. The AOH in Ireland was founded in the late seventeenth century for similar reasons particularly for the protection and preservation of the Catholic Clergy who were in peril of their lives under the Penal Laws. Today the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America has Divisions in over forty states; united with a common dedication to Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. For more information visit (

Welsh Society
We promote awareness of all things Welsh! Our members may have been born in Wales, may have ancestors born in Wales, or are simply interested in Welsh culture and heritage. The Central Carolina Chapter meets 6 times/year in the Triangle area, offering programs on Celtic history, Welsh genealogy, planning travel to Wales, Welsh customs and folklore, and more. Contact: Rob & Cathy Elias (919) 544-7876, or