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Donnachaidh of the Carolinas

International Clan Donnachaidh Society was founded in 1893. In Gaelic the name Donnachaidh (pronounced Donnahee) means Duncan and Clan Donnachaidh means Children of Duncan. The pre-eminent name in the Clan is Robertson with Duncan and Reid following up closely. The Clan Donnachaidh, by Royal decree is the only Clan given the right to bear the Royal Crown in their Arms and Crests. This hounour was granted by King James II to their 4th Chief (Robert Ruabh) as the result of the capture of Sir Robert Graham for the murder of King James I.

As stated by the eminent historian, William F. Skene in 1837, "the Robertsons of Struan are unquestionably the oldest family in Scotland, being the sole remaining branch of that Royal House of Atholl which occupied the throne of Scotland during the 11th and 12th centuries."

Clan Hay
Larry Haynes, Vice President American Branch
Historically Clan Hay started when the Norman William de la Haye married a Celtic heiress. Because of this he gained lands given to her ancestor who was a farmer who, with his two sons, turned back retreating Scots in the Battle of Luncarty with the use of an ox yoke. Because of their support a falcon was flown off Kannouil Hill near Perth and all land within where the falcon flew was given to the farmer. A descendant of William, Chief of Clan Hay Gilbert de la Hay, was Comrade in Arms to Robert the Bruce and because of his support was given land in northeastern Scotland, where the ruins of two of their castles still stand on the edge of the North Sea, and the hereditary title of Lord High Constable of Scotland. It is the duty of the chief to attend to the monarch when she is in Scotland and to attend royal functions in England as Scotland's emissary. The current chief is Merlin (named after the Merlin falcon). His brother's name is Peregrine. The American Branch of Clan Hay was formed in 1951 and is the largest branch of Clan Hay.
Clan Scott

The Scott's have the unique distinction of having an entire country named after them although their roots reach back to Ireland's Northern provinces. Indeed it is a common name in Ireland even today, but it was in Scotland that the Clan truly began to leave its footprints in history.

Around 500 AD a fresh migration came to Scotland (then called "Alba") lead from Northern Ireland by Saint Columba (a student of St. Patrick and the builder of the Abbey of Inoa). Among the followers was a loose confederation of Celt families that called themselves the tribe of "Scotti". They eventually settled in the border regions between what is now England and Scotland because of the kinship they felt with fellow Christians in the region that were left over from the Roman occupation. As the centuries progressed other cultures began having an influence on the region as well. Among these were the Angles, Saxon and (after William the Conqueror in 1066) the Normans.

Under the constant climate of social and civil unrest between England and Scotland a new type of guerrilla fighter began to emerge. Part Tracker, part gangster, they were excellent horsemen who developed tactics and maneuvers that could outwit entire battalions of professional soldiers. History remembers them as the "Border Reivers".

Between the years 1400 and 1615 these hard, distrustful people known as the "Scotts" were prominent in any activity (legal or otherwise) in the border areas. This all came to an end when Queen Elizabeth I died without an heir. The English Parliament then handed the crown to James IV of Scotland, thus he became King James I of a unified country. Now a political liability, the Border families were hunted down, Chieftains hung and kinsmen either conscripted into the army or forced to immigrate. Many found themselves on boats (oddly enough) back to Ireland but most were sent to the new world colonies.... especially to an area then known as "Carolina". Since them a surname of "Scott" has found its way onto nearly every record of events in the history of this country and indeed the world.

If you would like to find out more on the history of this unique family of heroes, outlaws, politicians, explorers, writers and inventors... please feel free to go to our official website at

House of Lumsden

Terry L. Mosely - NC Convener
The Lumsden name first appears in recorded history in 1098 when Edgar, King of Scots, refounded Coldingham Priory endowing it to the villages of Coldingham, Lummesdene, Auldecambus, Renton and Swinewood in the county of Berwick.The proven ancestor of the Lumsdens appears on the Ragman Rolls of 1296 when Adam de Lumisden of that Ilk and his son Roger de Lummesdene signed in forced homage of King Edward I of England. The motto of the Lumsden Clan is "Amor Patitur Moras (Love Endures Delay). The family seat is Tillycarin Castle built in 1540 and fully restored in 1980. The present Chief of the name and arms of Lumsden is Gillem Lumsden of that Ilk and Blanenre.

The House of Lumsden Association was formed in 1972 and is open to Lumsdens and descendants of all spellings (Lumsdaine, Lumsdon, etc.) or those who have an interest in the family and its history. Its goal is to foster a spirit of kinship and pride among those of Lumsden descent, to support efforts to collect and preserve Lumsden genealogical information, the exchange of that information and to secure member participation in activities celebrating our Scottish heritage.

Scottish-American Military Society (S.A.M.S)

The Scottish-American Military Society (SAMS) was founded and chartered in North Carolina, April 12, 1981, as a non-profit organization with the following purpose:

To preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage, by:

  • Providing a forum for exchange of military history and genealogical information
  • Conducting public education programs
  • Presenting military student honor awards
  • Supporting Scottish activities at Highland Games
  • Making contributions to qualified scholarship funds or institutions
  • Making appropriate charitable contributions
  • Providing a fraternal atmosphere for members

The Society was founded as a veterans organization. The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served -- or are serving -- in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth. If you support the purposes shown above, we would welcome your membership if you qualify. Membership is open to honorably discharged veterans or active duty or reserve military persons who have served or are serving with any branch of the US Armed Forces.

Honorary life memberships are awarded to members who have been awarded the Medal of Honor or the Victoria Cross.

Clan Moffett
No description available at this time.